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About Us

Why goats? Why Nubians?

When I was a young girl my parents decided that I should get into 4H, specifically goats. We had a small farmstead at the time. Nubian Dairy goats, chickens, meat rabbits and the occasional pig for the freezer. My dad had a very large garden that grew corn, tomatoes, strawberries, zucchini, squash… The list just goes on and on. My mother canned all of that amazing freshness. We had freezers full of meat that was raised on our, farm. And, to be honest, I hated it. All my friends were doing sleepovers, watching TV (which we did not own), they were hanging out at the mall and it seemed like they were having all the fun. I was working, milking, tending to animals, and weeding.

Nubian Goats

I loved my little 4H Nubian, I loved 4H. Then, as kids do, I got bored with that and she was sold. Fast forward 20 years. I yearned for the simplistic life. The garden, the animals, the hard work. And it is hard work. But I love it. And my husband has learned that he loves it as well. We have raised meat chickens and rabbits. We have settled on raising chickens for eggs, dairy goats and honey bees. I have relearned the skills that I had forgotten. Bread making, canning, preserving the results of our hard work. Life comes full circle. Fast forward to now. We have worked so hard to build a quality dairy line. We focus on high producing lines and quality milk. Sturdy and strong bodied animals that can also serve as pack animals. We look forward to helping others to build their own herds.

Situated just south of Klamath Falls Oregon, Old School Country Store sits on 8 acres. We are open 10 5 P.M. most days. Orders can be placed by texting 541-892-4448. Our address is 11622 Overland Drive Klamath Falls Oregon.We sell quality purebred ADGA registered Nubian dairy goats. We participate in DHIA to further advance our quality dairy line. Our goats are tested annually for disease and checked by our veterinarian to ensure health. We welcome visitors to our farm and will gladly answer any inquiries.We are a closed herd to ensure the health and safety of our animals. We also grow 8 different varieties of elderberry and sell many products that are elderberry based. We grow 12 different varieties of lavender and sell many lavender products.

DIY — I am a huge fan of doing it myself. In 2018 I began an extensive remodel of our manufactured home. It was my third. My loving husband was not impressed and stated that he had no problem with me remodeling, BUT he wanted no part of it. He would help with any heavy lifting and advice but that would be the extent of his aid. I was totally fine with that. I finished one room at a time. From one end of the house to the other, every single room was gutted and redone. I taught myself electrical, tiling, framing, finish work and laying laminate flooring. I have learned so much about appreciating everything that goes into a job and about myself. I look forward to sharing my projects and how to’s with others who are of the DIY mind.

Old School Country Store art — I’ve always been an artist at heart, I pride myself on being able to pick art out of junk. I love being able to share my art with all of you. From wall hung laser cut wood art, to elaborate metal gates.

We will also be offering monthly subscription boxes so you can decorate your own home, in your colors.

Custom Earing Designs
Earrings for Sale
Custom Artwork

Old School Country Store — Goat milk products. We are excited to share our homemade breads, raw, fresh goat milk and farm fresh eggs with our local buyers. For our nationwide consumers we sell goat milk caramel, goat milk soaps and lotions. Beginning spring of 2024 we will also be offering our Unique jellies, honey, and lavender products for shipping. To sum it all up — we are an all encompassing business. From DIY to Recipes, Goat and Chicken care to Honey bees, Gardening and getting organized. Thanks for joining us!